In the world of recruiting, the game has changed. Rockin’ R is a step ahead of the change, and future changes.

Our practice is prepared for challenges that the traditional recruitment process already fails to address because we’ve moved past recruiting. We don’t recruit employees to work for you, we match people who will work with you.

In 8 years, we’ve helped close to 100 companies find the right people for the job culture, not just the job. How? We use the experience we have accrued over the course of working in the recruiting industry combined with our success in running, managing, and growing our own companies. Now that combined know-how and innovative practice can work with you.

Our work has spanned across seven major industries: engineering, finance, manufacturing, technology, legal, and industrial. Regardless of company, role, or employee, we have what it takes to get you more than just the nicest resume. We’re equipped to bring you the best people. People who correlate to and complement your company culture. The result is nothing less than the strongest candidates for improving your business.

At Rockin’ R we’re a cut above the rest and our candidates will be too. Because there is no back and forth on finding the best people, you need those that keep you rockin’.



We serve tightly held companies that are self-contained, with a small decision chain. Our services can be of value to companies of all sizes but typically we focus on small to medium sized organizations ranging in annual revenue of $2 million to $100 million.

Founded by four seasoned Professionals who understand what an impact hiring the right people means to an organization.  We take the time to understand the Candidate and Client’s needs.

Rockin’ R Search connects Companies with qualified candidates.

The ability to attract and obtain top-level talent is critical for achieving the goals of your business. That’s why today’s top companies are applying proven professionals and best practices to ensure they secure the best talent for the job, quickly and cost-effectively. Rockin’ R Search provides best-in-class staffing and recruiting support, finding you the right people to help drive your organization’s growth and success.

With our innovative sourcing and recruiting techniques, we develop a custom solution for your business, providing added value, strategic advantage and measurable benefits to your recruiting processes.


Let's discuss a game plan for your recruiting needs.